Displacer Type Level Switch

This is top mounted type level switch provided single or multiple set points.It uses Levels sensor that do float on the surface of liquids with certain immersed section with respect to design.

Type Displacer Operated
Features – With application up to 40 bar and 250°C application
– Heavy walled level sensor for critical application
– Insertion length defined for 10000mm
– Switching differential up to 10mm
– Durability defined on sealing and pressure and temperature application
– Improved reliability with dual opposed magnet design which provides snap action
– Applicable with various versions of MOC’s depending on pressure and temperature, versions with Stainless and steel, hastelloy, monel, PTFE, PP, Titanium available
– Versions with flange, screwed, welded available
– Applicable for 2S, NACE, certified
– Switch is CCOE approved and certified for IP67
– Switch certified for group IIA/IIB, IIC
– Switch enclosure at die cast alluminium and SS available
– Application with PTFE lined at special 1.6 mm thickness and PTFE floats for critical media available
– Versions with FM certified available
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