Magnetic Level Gauge

Applicable for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, radioactive, fertilizer, food, pharma, metal industry applications. For applicability in critical, acidic, cryo and high temperature zone.

Type Magnetic
Features – Applicable up to 100 kg/cm2 and up to 300°C
– Cryo applications up to -196°C
– Jacketed design applicable
– IBR certified device available
– NACE, H2S service compatibility applicable
– Heat tracing available
– Viscous media (max up to 380 cst and upto 100°C) besides other acidic, non acidic, steam water media
– CE applicability
– Device fully compatible for conductive and non conductive media
– Special float design to enable to meet low critical specific gravity
– Design applicability test with special media available
– CCOE approved switches available, ATEX, FM certified available on demand
– Versions available with analog and digital (HART) and FIELDBUS transmitters fully integrated with the system for level gauge and transmitter
– CCOE approved and ATEX and FM versions applicable for HART and analog transmitters available
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